Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Disney Day!

Since graduation, my life has been so consumed with work and planning for the future that my mind needed a break. Also because it's important to lead a balanced life, it was time to have a moment where I was only focused on having fun.
This ^ never gets old

That moment came in the form of a spontaneous trip to Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Magic kingdom will always have a special spot in my heart as my favorite. However, for food, Epcot is the way to go. Our first stop was Epcot where Paris didn't disappoint in the food department.

Can you spot the hidden mickey ^ among the deliciousness of Napoleon and Crème brûlée desserts
The world showcase is so wonderful to see, especially when everything is just a little bit more magical during golden hour on a cool night. Also, Magic Kingdom was open late which ended up in no lines, allowing us to go on as many rides as we wanted!

After graduating college, I'm finding out that I'm in a particularly unique moment in my life. While I'm more grown up than I have ever been and having to make important decisions, it's just as important for me to remember to take moments and be a kid again!

One more ^ because they're amazing!

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