Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Etsy Spring Lovin'

I live in an apartment and I'm always looking for small changes to transform my apartment from one season to another. Don't tell on me, but I may have just taken down a few of my Christmas decorations last week, shh. I love etsy and always find lovely items and people! Here's a few finds to hopefully bring us all into warmer weather.
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1. I love this little guy, it's he so cute! He would make any bookshelf that much more cute.
2. Leather straps on purses has always been a favorite of mine. It adds just that perfect amount of structure, and hurts my shoulder much less.
3. I've been craving a hanging planter the last two months. I may have found the perfect match.
4. Because really, who doesn't love the perfect summer watch.
5. The best thing about these guys is that they come in three sizes! I would probably go with the medium and use it as a magazine holder.
6. Flowers = spring and it's a good reminder during the hard days that live is beautiful!

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