Monday, March 3, 2014

March 10 in 30

February was filled with changes in the weather and allergies! Uh, this month has begun on a similar note. However, I am hopeful for the rest of the month.
1. Learn how to make a proper cup of tea. When I was little the only way I would have tea was if I was sick. Getting older, I really want to learn to enjoy tea without feeling ill.
2. Begin my first "big girl" job! I'm so crazy excited!! I'm so appreciative to get the opportunity I've been allowed; now I want to show them I was the correct choice for the position!
3. Hope and pray that I do well at my first "big girl" job. Also make sure I arrive on time. I have to recalculate how long it takes me to get there.
4. Decorate my bathroom wall. Right now it looks so sad just staring at me in the nothingness.
Maybe this ^ length?
5. Get my hair cut. It way too long, I'm mainly nervous about my bangs! I've had too many people cut them wrong to be trusting
6. Clean my closet. I really need to get something to put my winter clothes in.
7. Take my vitamins. I'm running low on my supply of daily vitamins. I need to buy more and make sure I take them, especially with all the sickness going around
8. Utilize my online coupon resources and do fun things. I'm not sure if you have groupon or a comparable website but I just started using mine and I love it! It shows me places and adventures I may not have ever known without having found them through the website.
Seriously considering this^ lovely print from TheMotivatedType
9. Find two prints for the frames in the hall. I really want to update two picture frames, but I can't figure out which prints go put in them!
10. Buy flip flops. While the north is still freezing, I walked out of my house today in jeans and a sweater and was way too warm. Spring is coming and therefore the warm weather is beginning. I really need some sort of sandal, right now I basically only have flats.

There's my 10 in 30 goals! Here we go!

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