Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 10 in 30

Almost one month into my first official first full time job! I'm tired to say the least, but very grateful to be learning all that I am. Here are my goals for this month!
1. Develop a five minute makeup face. I've been wearing makeup, consistently, for about two years now. However, I haven't ever had a consistent morning makeup routine. 
2. Budget. I have been living within my means, but I haven't been documenting my spending habits like I was in January. I want to get back in the habit of using my excel document.
Cause who doesn't love Ryan
For when I want to stop running^^
3. Train for my 5k. I have about two weeks until I'm expected to run 5k and right now my main training has been watching youtube and netflix, not super helpful.
4. Purchase Love Happens. I love the way this movie was filmed and I've been looking for it everywhere and I can't find it. I need to buckle down and purchase it online and stop forgetting to do so.
5. Wear my felt hat ^^ I bought! I love hats and I found one that fits my head really well, but now I have to put my purchase to use. 
6. Use coupons. It's free money, why not benefit from it. (Update from my March 10 in 30 #8) I did purchase a few items for food and such from groupon, now I want to utilize coupons for grocery store items.
7. Plan my days off. Weather that means I plan to sleep all day or to update my apartment. I'm finding that with 5+ days a week working if I don't plan my days off I end up doing nothing.
pink peonies: Jessica Holden Photography
Peonies ^^flowers are my absolute favorite!! I want them in my apartment all the time!
8. Begin the search for a new apartment. Both fun and challenging, finding a new apartment is definitely on the list this month. I am looking forward to decorating a new space!
9. Make delicious salad! I have two wonderful recipes in my mind. now I have go to grocery shopping, never a bad thing.
10. Catch up with Once Upon A Time and Walking Dead. I've been so busy that I haven't been watching t.v., gasp!

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  1. Peonies are such fun, happy flowers! I wish I didn't have a cat who likes to destroy flowers so I can have them. I'm also extremely behind on my tv watching and need to catch up. And I need to budget better too. Did you create your own excel file or do you use a template?


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