Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fernweh and Wanderlust

I just got back from this amazing trip in England and I want to talk all about it but something in me keeps stopping me. I had no idea what this thing was until today. Today I looked up the difference between wanderlust and fernweh. Wanderlust is more of a longing to travel. Fernweh is more of a homesickness that happens when you don't travel or a homesickness for places that you have been to. It's a little more nomadic than wanderlust, and it feels more real to me. Longing and missing a place that you've never been to is very real to me.

There are just some words that we don't have in English to describe feelings that I really wish we had and fernweh is one of those. To the best of my knowledge, it has a German origin. As soon as I got back I just felt so down. Coming from such a high back to reality was more brutal of a hit than I was expecting. I absolutely love travel, and it's something that a cherish so deeply that when it's over I start to feel homesick for the places I have been to.

I will absolutely share my time and tips but I think it's important to realize that if this is something that happens to you as well, I got your back and know what you're feeling. There's just so much of the world to see! And I really want to explore it! Here's to many more adventures and places!

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