Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April 10 in 30 Finale

I loved April!!! So many good memories and stories were had this past month. Let's see how I did as far as my month goals...also, how perfect was the Rifel Paper Co. calendar for April! 

1. Finalize all my plans for ENGLAND!! ✔️ I loved London!! I'll explain more in my next post.
2. Find a way to pack all of my things in one carry on and still have room to purchase items. ✔️ I did it. I wore my heaviest jacket and my boots through the Orlando airport like a crazy person, but it worked!
3. Buy new tires for my car. I bought a "new to me" car and it needs new tires. The car in general is good, but it needs some mechanical type updates. ✔️ I technically bought tires in May, but I still bought them so I'm calling this a win.
4. Make sure all of my work items are preped for when I leave. I have a few projects I'm working on and they all need to be done by the time I leave. ✔️ I am very impressed with myself so far. All of my projects were finished and all bills paid before I left.
From my instagram
5. Maybe get my hair cut in ENGLAND! I got my hair cut, but not in England. Looking back, although the price would have been high I wish I had gotten it cut over there. Next time I'll just jump in and cut it.
6. Call all the necessary places and let them know I will be out of the country and to not stop me from buying shoes, or calling people. ✔️ Yes! I waited on everything until the last minute but I did call my bank, my phone, and registered my passport in time.
7. Journal more in my Bible. I was doing so well there for a little bit and then stress got in the way *shakes fist* #epicfail
8. Buy flowers at a outdoor market in England or Paris!! I never actually bought a bouquet of flowers, but I did get to see the blossoms in Paris and England. So pretty!
9. Buy rain boots, I wan just a normal pair of rain boots that can go with everything! I didn't buy any, and it didn't rain a single day! WIN!
10. Have an amazing month! ✔️✔️✔️ All the check marks! 
How was your April? If you do a 10 in 30 link me and I'll follow along :) 

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