Monday, October 19, 2015

Balloon Fiesta - Albuquerque

Every time I fly to the west part of the United Stated I forget how far you can see, not only from the plane but even when you're standing on the ground. Compared to living in Florida, the distance you can see is phenomenal. Every morning during Balloon Fiesta there is a mass ascension when all the balloons go into the air at almost the same time. Seeing over 500 balloons float up in the air is an amazing sight. I had never been that close to any hot air balloon before! Don't tell on me, but I may have ran up and touched a few while they were blowing up. A cold morning + hot air balloons + green chili breakfast burritos + hot chocolate = happy Joy. My sweater collection makes more sense when I have the opportunity to wear them, and they don't have to all sit together in my closet. At night the balloons do what is called "Balloon Glow" where they stand up but do not take off. At once they all light up and start glowing on the field. 
New Mexico had so many dishes filled with green or red chili, even their pizza was adorned with it, which was a new experience. In the hiking area we went to, Albuquerque was about a mile, or about 1.6 kilometers, above sea level. I have never hiked with my elevation that high, I know sad right. I noticed that even when I wasn't tired my breath was still harder to catch than normal. I definitely noticed that the weather kept me from sweating though, bonus for cool weather. The view was amazing! My favorite part of any trip is the hidden gems of places you find while walking around; or, in this case, just sitting on a rock and taking in the view. Albuquerque, I'll be back for more of your green chili goodness!

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