Friday, October 23, 2015

10 Fun Things to do when Money is Tight

When finances are tight and I'm either saving for a trip, or simply trying to pay bills and not spend money, I explore. Exploring and googling, even the most random of ideas, is worth it! I've found natural springs in my area that I didn't know existed, local film festivals, coffee shops with really cheap coffee, etc. If I'm not exploring something, and I'm just sitting at my house day after day, I start to feel like money is tight, and that feeling is up there in the horrible feelings category.
If I feel like money is tight I either want to spend money and rebel or I start to feel anxious and count every penny. Neither is a healthy option. With exploring, even just sitting somewhere outside of the house and reading a book, gives that sense of doing something without spending a ton of money. It's not about spending absolutely no money, it's about the amount of return you receive off of a smaller amount of money spent. Here are a couple things I have done when money is tight, but I still want to go out and have fun! 

-Hang out at a friends house, or meet up and explore together
 - See what DVDs the library has on their shelves
-Find a place downtown with either good coffee, or dessert and people watch 
- See what events your housing community or apartment complex has planed this month
- Go swimming at the beach or a pool (or if you're up north skiing or hiking)
-Make a delicious meal (It's probably going to be cheaper, and it's creative)
- Freshen things up at home, rearrange your living room
- Check and see what museums you have nearby (most are under $10)
- Have a s'mores and game night with friends 
- What TV show have you been putting off watching. There's nothing like binge watching a show to get you to that next paycheck without going anywhere. Am I right! You know who you are. Also, shout out to whoever got Gilmore Girls to reboot for their Netflix miniseries. 

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