Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October 10 in 30 Finale

This month was filled with many ups and downs, but overall I'm grateful to be where I am and excited to see what the last few months of 2015 have in store.
1. Finish moving in, changing places can be difficult but also fun because it comes with all new possibilities.
✔️The struggle is real!! There is a lot of work, emotional and  physical, that goes into moving to a new place. Then moving when you don't know anyone, it's difficult. I love my place though! I'm finally getting all of my items where I want them!
2. More Travel. Details and pictures to come, right now the only clue is....up up and away! 
✔️This month I went to New Mexico for Balloon Fiesta and it was unbelievable! I've never seen a hot air balloon that close before, and then to see that many at once was a great way to be overwhelmed. So much fun. So much green chili was consumed.  
3. Find a place to read, there are so many places to be explored.Wishing the above was my reading nook! I want to find a place to go to and read. 
✔️ I did this on accident. I was going to get food, surprise, surprise, and I stumbled upon a beautiful area with tables and twinkling lights, kismet!  I want something like this for my balcony though. 
would really like chairs like these & the table too..but, maybe a slightly bigger, even square, table that I could collapse and use in kitchen, living room & on my landing outside.:
4. Go to the beach before it gets too cold to go. I want this season to be a cold one, but I also want to use my resources wisely and go to the beach before it's no longer an option.
I went to the desert instead, oops.
5. Find more avocado recipes. I've been on an avocado kick, and I need to find more ways to use it. 
Many an avocado was eaten, but no recipes were made.
6. Figure out how to set up my cable. I'm pretty sure they didn't give me all the cords needed. Now I have to go back to the store, boo.
✔️ YES!! Thank God!! Cable is up and running, and my Netflix account is hooked up to the TV. All is right with the world, kidding, but seriously. 
7. Decorate my bookcases. aka Pinterest bookcase organization.
✔️ They look very "Fall" right now. I love them. I posted a picture on my Instagram, link on the left sidebar. 
8. Catch up on The Walking Dead before I'm way to behind to watch the season that I'm pretty sure is either starting soon, or has started already.
 No, I didn't and I saw all the spoilers up on Facebook!!! I'm sad and upset, but also want to watch it to see what actually happened. Seeing all the gifs is just not the same. 
9. Find easy hairstyles I can try for work. I need new ideas to try out. This may not be appropriate for work, but I keep really loving this hairstyle recently, I'm just not sure if I can pull it off. 
1/2 ✔️ I tried a few hairstyles, including the half up half down. I liked them, but I really feel like I'm waiting for my hair to grow!! Below is from my Pinterest
Whether you’re a veteran in the art of fishtail braiding or can barely twist a bun, these fast and simple tutorials will get you out the door on time for your morning meeting.:
10. Bake something with pumpkin. Tis' the pumpkin season! Maybe I'll make pumpkin muffins. Either that sounds like a really great idea to make and take for breakfast, or maybe I'm just hungry, or both. 
I drank a Pumpkin Spice Latte or two but did not cook anything with pumpkin, maybe next month!

How was your October?

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