Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 The First Week

January 1- I woke up to my first etsy sale!! I was so ecstatic; I did my first sale dance and jumped around my living room. Then I had the first sale "what do I do now?" phase, it was rather comical. I also got to spend some time with my dad at the driving range, golf is so much harder than it looks. I am still slightly sore from using the muscles I never use.
January 2/3- This was the first year in a few years that I didn't have the opportunity to go to Passion conference in Atlanta, and needless to say I was pretty bummed about it. After seeing many posts on Facebook about how awesome it was being there I suddenly remembered that they had live streaming! So although I didn't get to be there in person it was so nice to watch online and still be a part of Passion Conference. If you would like to know more about what Passion Conference is or support some of the causes they brought awareness to googling it is always the fastest way.
January 4/5- Found some lovelies thrifting, including this Tiffany box! I picked it up almost hugging it when I first saw it, I may like Tiffany. I also worked out some, I'm not sure if it was the machines I was on or what but my calories burned were sporadic depending on the machine.
January 6/7- I can't believe the first week of 2013 is already over! To finish up the week I did a cute DIY project for my room (which will be coming to the blog tomorrow) and then had to go back to school. Definitely not the most thrilling aspect of my week, but I did get coffee and that always helps.
Hope your first week was splendid! Here we come 2013!

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