Monday, July 22, 2013

Biking around Vancouver

I'm finally in Vancouver!! Life List check! So excited. This city has been on my list of places to visit since I was nine and saw Stargate SG-1 was filmed here; then Psych, Supernatural and so many other great shows have been filmed her since. I'm not sure what I was exactly expecting out of Vancouver but I'm excited to see all of the hiking and nature British Columbia has to offer. 
Speaking of nature, I biked 8km about 5 miles around all of Stanley Park. Renting bikes was so worth the money and a beautiful way to see the park. For safety I used my helmet while biking, but for the purposes of this picture I felt the helmet was too awesome to be immortalized with such an inadequate thing as a camera, aka it was a super ugly helmet.
In other news....YAY, it's a boy!! Sending prayers and wishes to Kate and William!


  1. Enjoy your trip. :) Can't wait to hear (and see) more.

    Love, Nadine

  2. Ooooo I did the same thing in Canada many years a go when I was a child. We went to the sea life centre as well, which was a nice stop on the bikes. Enjoy Canada, it's such a beautiful place!

  3. Ah I have been to Vancouver. Lived in Seattle for a decade and got up there a few times. That part of the world is just beautiful the whole west coast really!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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