Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Walking around Victoria BC

What a gorgeous city. I can definitely see why Victoria was chosen as the capital. I was so excited for little baby Cambridge and being in Canada absolutely heightened it. Yesterday morning I sat for an hour, with the rest of the world, and waited to see him and his parents come out of those frustratingly still doors. They were so lovely and kind especially after just giving birth. I wouldn't want to have to talk to the press after giving birth the day before, I'll probably be trying to get both of us to sleep. I also got to sign a book in the Empress sharing my congratulations for their new baby. The Empress was so beautiful with flowers everywhere and vines growing up the sides, and they had afternoon tea if you were so inclined to have some tea. It felt very British, which was exciting. 
The parliament was enormous and you could even sit in on a legislative session and watch government in action, just don't sneeze like I almost did. The building itself was something to see, especially at night because they outlined the building with lights. And pictured below, we all know the many emotions of traveling with family. Love you guys, but just saying =P


  1. Thanks for sending over that pin! It's awesome. I want to reply with an email but you're email isn't linked to your blog comments. :) If you go into your blog settings you can fix that.

    Have a great day,

  2. ah, i love all of the vines on that building. i find something so romantic about the vines growing on the outsides of old buildings in the cities.

    lindsey louise


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