Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 10 in 30 Finale

I love love love Christmas!! I'm so excited it's only 24 days away! But let us take a quick look back over November.
1. Create a coffee section in my kitchen. I love the idea of a coffee area!
✔️ I found an old piece of wood and used it as my base. I love mixing textures
2. Find the perfect fall tea. I'm not the biggest tea drinker, but i did just buy a new diffuser and its so easy! It makes me want to drink more tea.
✔️ I found two types of tea that may not be the traditional fall tea, but they are so delicious, cold and on the go. The first is from a local tea shop, it's called Berry Bouquet. The second is from Teavana called Strawberry Grapefruit. Both have berry deliciousness and, to me, are even better cold than they are hot.
3. Buy, and wear a plum or dark red lipstick, no idea what brand.
I did wear more lipstick this month, but I did not buy a plum so I don't think this one deserves a check mark.
4. Finish reading Gung Ho. A leadership book about how to create an environment of productivity and excitement in the workplace. 
I love books so much, but it's so hard to find the time to finish them.
5. See a movie in a movie theater. It has been months since I've been to a theater and there is one close by that has comfy seats and I've heard rumors of being able to order full meals from the theater!
✔️The movie theater is amazing! It's looks like the entire movie theater has large couches. I saw the final hunger games! I can't believe that was the last movie that will come out, it feels like yesterday that the first of those was premiering. 
6. Cook meals ahead of time. I have a bad habit of not eating breakfast then ordering something to go and bringing it home. For both my pocketbook and my physical health I want to cook from home. At least a few meals!
✔️ I'm going to keep it honest and not say that I cooked all meals, but I did cook some. I also went to the grocery store and bought the frozen meals, so at least I'm getting somewhere. And then sometimes at the end of a day, you just want to go and eat some ice cream!  
7. Explore! I want to see more of my area!
✔️ This one can never been a true check mark, because when can you really ever say you're done exploring...never! But I did venture to new places this month.
8. Find chairs for my porch! I really want to have a place to sit outside, especially once it starts to cool down! I really would want the French style chairs, but we shall see.
✔️ This is my most exciting DIY of the month. More to come
9. Visit the Salvador Dali Museum. There is on in Tampa, Florida that I have been wanting to go to!
✔️ The new building is beautiful!! They also had a bonus Escher exhibit! 
10. Have a good Thanksgiving!! 
✔️ Family came to visit, that always makes holidays more real. I did work, but it was wonderful and filled with lots of food; I have the sea of aluminum in my fridge right now.
I hope your November was wonderful! And now....cue the Christmas music!! 

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